Far Draknon, a peasant from a small village was best known for cursing those who were sick with what the villagers deemed as magic. Far helped cure blindness, sexually transmitted diseases and so fourth. However, they're were few who disagrees with Far's acts. They called his actions satanic and wanted to ban him from the village but Far refused. He stated that the people needed him and what the people need came before beliefs and judgemental thoughts on religious statements.

This argument fell on deaf ears, the judgement of Far continued for over two years until Far was seen as a worshiper of satan. The village people did not see this as fact. To his surprise the people were not easily fooled by those in higher authority. They stood behind Far and this did not go well with those who pointed fingers at Far's true nature. Far took it upon himself to prove his innocence and show the people of the village that he served no such gods or goddess and that he was faithfully to serve the people.

Being a revolutionist Far was no stranger when it came to going against the so called, Higher Hands of the land. Far seeks out what is called, The Ring of Satan. He hears it remains high atop the highest tower in the land but, this tower is where this so called Satan once sat during his roam over the Earth before mankind's rising. On the night of the Fourth Dawn there was enough light from the moon that the tower could be climbed. It was impossible to climb during the daylight due to the fact that dark clouds would cover it. A symbol that great powers were at work.

Far did not fear climbing the tower during the Dusken Moon called, Fourth Dawn. Was concerned him was that over 10,000 people who were adventurers, thieves and warriors climbed this tower never returned. Far was capable of accomplishing what seemed unable to be accomplished but, there was one problem. Far's power. His power was fading for some reason, usually wizards do not lose they're magic but for some strange reason Far was about to do so. This Ring of Satan would easily solved this problem but, legend speaks that whomever accepts the ring and its powers will also sign a contract to serve its creator for eternity. What decision would Far make?...Was he capable of resisting such power for a small price of eternal servitude.

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