"I am Valor, I was banished to the "Valley of North Return" for eternity. It is a place where the living wishes for death and the dead wishes for life. I wish for neither, I want my freedom back. I want my soul back and in order to get it I will have to reach out and take it from the ruler of this world's hand. I plan to do it, even if it means I must suffer in the process of it all. Every being here will know why they call me Valor."

During the grand battle of Zron, the Blighter a warrior named, Valor S. Dragon stood upon the battleground. After defeating enemy after enemy Valor became a greater threat than half of the men on the battlefield with him. Instead, of using a sword and shield to make his way toward the castle which was the main objective he was also capable of defeating enemies with his feet.

Valor's life sadly came to an end when he was killed by a cannon ball that was shot from the castle walls. The impact did not kill him. According to the information collected from the reports send back to camp from those who completed the mission Valor's body was badly damaged. However, he still refused to die until his heart couldn't hold on any longer and this is where his decent into the "Valley of North" begins.


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