Online browser Adventure / Fighting game designed to test patience and skill, Draknon from the maker of Valor: The Lord and Savior.


You are Draknon, a peasant turned wizard. Your magic is not as strong as you would like it to be but, maybe you were never meant to be strong. Maybe you were never meant to know magic.

Power is gained through tough battles, knowledge is gained through failure and at each turn you will fail. Years ago the Devil himself walked the Earth. He granted the magic ones with a powerful ring of pure magic. Sadly, as always this much power could not be controlled by one person.

You must succeed where other wizards have failed. Instead of having desire to own the ring you seek another action....TO DESTROY IT ONCE AND FOR ALL !

This game is the brother of VALOR: The Lord and Savior. but, the game play is completely different. After learning from making VALOR: TLAS, Draknon is its own thing. It's challenging and by challenging I mean tough as nails. This is going to turn a lot of people away from playing it but, as stated before Draknon was designed to test patience and skill. It makes it a clear known fact that maybe you're not as great at video games and games in general as you thought you were. You die instantly if you think you can just walk up to a boss and defeat him / her because you pressed a button or, the game does not tell you every single trick to defeating such things. This is how Draknon was setup from the start. However, it is possible to beat the game if and only if you play it the way it was meant to be played...slowly. Whatever happened to people enjoying the game and taking their time going through it? Everyone wants to speed run through everything, Geez.

Anyhow, just like its older brother Draknon needs a wiki, a walkthrough maybe? This is where you'll find everything you need to know to reach the end of the journey and prevent yours, You welcome.

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