Venture through the rough and destructive "Valley of North Return" as the struggling Valor in hopes of regaining the one thing you lost hold to, your very own soul.


Valor: The Lord and Savior is not a game that was designed to be a simple hit the enemy and they die adventure title. Instead, the game is designed around two types of game styles (fighting / adventure) many players will be quick to stop playing because they would believe something is wrong with the coding or, maybe it is glitched.

The truth is, is that the game was created after playing old school Arcade and Genesis games where through playing the game you discovered different ways to get through certain areas of the game. The graphics weren't suppose to wow you, the game play itself was not suppose to be straight forward as in explaining every little thing to you. VALOR: The Lord and Savior makes player learn through fighting in a small area instead of a large area where you're free to pretty much screw around.

The enemies were not designed to just stay still and let you hit them, the bosses were not designed to expose weak spots are leave their body open for a free shot. Instead, you could hit enemies and bosses at certain points of their animation frames. Many, tons, thousands of player failed to acknowledge this.

Valor: The Lord and Savior was released, Jul 16, 2017 | 7:20 AM EDT and was created by Jimmy Hall Jr. and presented by Newshield Entertainment.